Rondy Rules

  • Safety and Courtesy
    • No loaded firearms in camp.
    • No knife or hawk throwing in the camp area.
    • Camps should be kept neat.
    • Each camp should have a fire bucket and/or a shovel. Fire pits are to be filled and cleared before leaving.
  • Period Authenticity
    • Vehicles are allowed in the primitive area for loading and unloading only. No vehicles please, except during designated hours, or during a bonifide emergency.
    • Period dress (usually pre-1840) is required for all participents at all times in the primitive camp area and is recommended for the entire site. Visitors are welcome to "come-as-you-are" but you will have more fun if you too make an effort to look the part.
    • Trade goods are limited to reproductions or originals of pre-1840 items or directly related items.
    • Tents and other equipment should be both period style and made of materials available during the fur trade era.
    • Any modern conveniences should be concealed. Put that beverage can inside a metal cup, hide the trash bag in a canvas sack or large basket, etc.
  • Recommended Practices
    • Ask permission before taking someone's picture.
    • Keep pets under control and clean up after them.
    • Do not open tents or enter campsites without the owner's permission. This is not a museum! That tent is someone's home.
When in doubt, check with the booshway or a dog soldier.

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